Blogroll categories

Class was very helpful today!  Thank you so much to Dominique for showing me how to set up the blogroll!  I was able to help Melissa in return.  I went through the whole process of setting up my blogroll, but the category I put all of the Daybook’s contributors under doesn’t show up.  I looked for a place to indicate the category as a parent category or the like, but didn’t see anything.  Can anyone give me some advice as to why this category isn’t showing up?

To go along with this, in my widgets, I have one titled “Blogs I Follow” but it doesn’t show up on my sidebar.  And just the opposite with the “Blogroll” widget… it shows up on my sidebar, but doesn’t show in the sidebar list when I am in the site admin.  Does that make sense?  It’s so hard to explain this stuff without showing someone.  Much like the warm-up writing exercise I do with students for how-to papers.  I ask them to write the steps to make a PB&J sandwich.  I bring in all the supplies necessary.  When they start out with the first step as “put peanut butter on one side of the bread,” I place the jar of peanut butter on one side of the loaf of bread.  By the end, the students are very frustrated with how explicit I make them write out the directions, but it shows them how difficult it is to understand a process for someone that has no prior knowledge.

Sorry, that was way off track!  But it’s one of my favorite writing exercises because it is so much fun and really drives home the point of adding explicit details.