Weekly Reflection 2/1/16 – 2/8/16

As I expected, the other self-portrait I had hopes of posting didn’t work out.  I saw an Instagram picture on Facebook a friend of mine posted that was sort of a word collage that described her.  It was very interesting the way it was put together with different size fonts and colors.  I really wanted to do that for myself, but in the end couldn’t get to to work the way I envisioned it, so it was a good thing I posted the self-portraits when I did!

This week was a week of reflection for me.  Thinking about what my identity is and what it means to me.  I thought a lot about my stepdaughter and her big dreams for her future, but thinking about how her social media posts don’t reflect the kind of professional person she aspires to be.  I fully believe those posts will come back to haunt her… unfortunately.  Chapter one of the Rettberg book talks about how we use social media to communicate with others about how we see ourselves, which is what was my connection was for my thoughts.

I am very careful about what I post on social media.  I have been told by employers what is allowed and not allowed on social media while I was an employee.  Is this going to far?  I’m not sure how I feel about it.  But I followed their rules.  This is the way the world works nowadays.  On one hand, I feel like my social media posts are my business and if I am not to be discriminated against for my religion, race, sexual preference, political views, etc. then why am I subject to discrimination for my social media habits?  It is a fine line.

Much discussion was had about multiple identities and what constitutes an identity.  Micah had one of my favorite posts to date about identity and how “Different people highlight different traits of each person.”  I know another person commented on this same type of concept as well, but I can’t remember who… I went into a long response to Micah about my thoughts on it all:

I agree with this 100%. I feel like I lead multiple lives sometimes, because I am a different person for each aspect of my life. I act a certain way with my family, another while I am a teacher, and yet another when I’m with my friends, etc. Identity has everything to do with who is identifying you. That’s why I chose three pictures to post for my self-portrait… One selfie showing me close-up; one climbing a rock wall showing a little of my adventurous side and although no one would know by the picture, my family side because I was on a class trip with my oldest son; and finally a picture from my wedding day showing my loving, fun, party side.

The quote from Simply Zesty‘s article sums up my explanation of my self-portraits quite well.  Fisher says, “So why not have a go at establishing your identity right here and now, in the media that exists for us at an increasing rate? It is the most real identity you can have, right now.”



Connections… What blogs are made of.

In all of the readings I consumed for the first part of this assignment, I have come to the conclusion that connections are what makes a blog a blog.  There are many different types of connections to speak of, but connections are the key to any type of blog.

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