A little about me…

I am a mom, wife, step-mom, step-grandma, friend, teacher, daughter, aunt, sister…  The list goes on and on.  I am also a student. Once again.

I first graduated from BSU in 2004.  I double majored in Spanish and English Education with a minor in Theatre and Speech, but I did not complete my English coursework due to the fact I was unexpectedly hired to teach Spanish.  After teaching Spanish for 4 years, my personal life took a turn for the worst and I took a break from teaching for a few years.  I began subbing for the Red Lake School District.  Long story short, I was placed in the middle school teaching a writer’s workshop class under a mentor teacher and fell in love with it!  I am now currently finishing the required coursework to obtain a 5-12 Communication Arts and Literature license.  My hope is to be able to teach reader’s and writer’s workshop in a middle or high school setting.

I am a busy working mom and wife trying to balance everything that happens in our crazy lives.  I have a very loving husband that supports me more than anyone.  We have 8 children between the two of us, so we have lots of love to share.  Chaos often takes over our household which means any quiet time is appreciated and savored when found!

To follow bits and pieces of This, That, and Other Stuff from my crazy life on Twitter, follow me @Janer32Patch  with this link twitter.com/Janer32Patch.

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This work by Jane Patch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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