Weekly Reflection 4/11/16

I have perused the sites of fellow classmates and have come to the conclusion that I suck at this. Everyone is doing a phenomenal job with these projects and I feel like mine is lacking a lot compared to everyone else. I am doing what I want with my project, but I need to add more material and I just don’t know what else to add to the pages I’ve already made. I know I need to make more pages, and they are coming, I just need the block of time to do it. I’m hoping to find that time early this week.

The other projects I looked at this week were by Micah, Dominique, Emma, and Chris. I left a comment for Micah on his talented writing skills. I also was pleased to learn that Dominique and I are in another class together, which I may have known already but forgot. I didn’t have permission to leave a comment on her wiki, so I replied to her comment she posted on my page and hope she sees it there. I am completely in love with Emma’s blog, cheers love, and left her a comment on her weekly reflection. I hope my kids will take advantage of all the traveling they can when in college. It looks like so much fun! Chris is really putting a lot of work into his project. I know he isn’t having a lot of fun doing his project from talking to him in other classes we have together, but he is doing a great job. I really enjoy his writing, too.

So, now for my project. I am clearly not holding up to my end of the bargain in my grade contract and it is really frustrating that I am letting myself down. I have no one to blame except my lazy self and this sickness that is bringing me and my family down lately. I really do like my project and I want to make it successful. I am going to get together with a friend of mine and mentor teacher for some advice on what to add in. I am not putting in as much information as others are including in their projects, but I am making the pages the way I want them to function for me when I use them in the future. There is a lot of information that will have to be added as I go along with my students. So, my grade may suffer for it, but it is going to be useful for me in the long run and that is just as important to me.

This week I added the following pages: Book NookWriting Rewards, Status of the Class, Mini-LessonWriting TimeConference with TeacherSharing. While it takes time to set up these pages, they are easy pages to create. They are menial. I need to get into the pages that are going to mean the most. They are difficult to make though because Writer’s Workshop is a class that is very much structured by what students are struggling with. I make those lessons up as I go (along with other teachers collaboration at times) so that is why I am dragging my feet to start them. I will have to work on them this week in order to get my project finished in time!

I refactored Creating Your Writer’s Workshop Notebook. I wanted to add these images of my writer’s workshop notebook from last year. It won’t let me crop and size the pics to make them fit right on the page though. I am extremely frustrated with that! Also, I want to know what this looks like to the public. All I can see is what it looks like with all the editing junk around it. I am very frustrated with this page at the moment. Can you see the Sidebar to link back to my HomePage? I am adding a HomePage link on each page I create because I don’t know if you can. I’d assume so, but we all know happens when one assumes…


Front Cover


Back Cover

I have found some good information about writer’s workshops in a wiki on Wikispaces. It isn’t really anything that I need to include on my wiki for my students (I did use some of the info found here to refactor Classroom Expectations and Daily Routine), but good information to resort to none the less. Maybe I will put it in the sidebar as a link. If anyone can see the sidebar…

This is what I have accomplished this week. My goals for next week are to create the pages that are more in-depth. I want to make pages about writing ideas, writer’s rights, brilliant beginnings/marvelous middles/excellent endings, MLA format, writing traits, fighting writer’s block… that should give me a good start! 🙂 I also want to figure out the image problems I’m having. I want to include the above pictures of my notebook, but I can’t for the life of me make it look right.

Keep up the good work everyone! Only two weeks left! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…




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