Weekly Reflection 4/4/16

This week has been much more productive! YAY! I found the platform I want to use, I started many pages after receiving permission to use the information I want to post, and I am having a lot of fun creating this project!

The original platform I started to use was Wikispaces but found that it was very awkward to edit and does not offer page templates for education like PBworks does. I like the looks of Wikispaces, but PBworks is more user friendly for the educational purposes I am creating wikis for. I decided it makes the most sense to put all of my course projects together on the same page because it will transition more smoothly for me in the future to make it a working wiki in my classroom and allow me to access all the resources I have researched this semester. My grades may suffer for it in the other courses, but so be it. This is going to benefit me more in the long run.

I wish I would have chosen a different URL name for my PBworks wiki. I originally thought it would be best to keep everything separate when creating the wikis for my three courses, so I named it onlineresourcefiles. I’m stuck with it now. I should have done something very generic. Learned my lesson on that one for the future. I want to find out how to create separate wikis. There must be a way to make each wiki a stand alone wiki on my account. It is a goal to find out by the end of this project. Maybe it will be that I have to make a FrontPage much like the JanePatch page I created for #en3177 Weblogs and Wikis.

I updated my ProjectProposal page by adding in the URL to the two different wiki platforms I joined/created. On my Wikispaces page I created only one page before becoming so frustrated with it I searched for other platforms. I found PBworks and liked the templates available. I created an account there and started to work. I created 10+ wiki pages this week with ease. Some of those pages are for a Webliography project for another course, but it is useful educator information that will be used as a reference in my future teaching years, so it is still relevant to this project.

A Start-Up File for Writers Workshop is the name of the folder I created for this project. Within this folder, I have created the main page of the same name with nodes to  Course Information, Classroom ExpectationsDaily Routine, and Creating Your Writer’s Workshop Notebook. None of these pages are complete yet, but I wanted to get as much started as I could since I am behind in this project already. I work best in big blocks of time, rather than posting over a span of days, so I’m not sure how my grading contract will be supported as I finish up the project. I hope that the quality and quantity of information I create will trump how often it is posted.

So far, so good for the start-up of my project, finally! I am happy with how everything is coming together and am looking forward to creating more.


5 responses to “Weekly Reflection 4/4/16

  1. “I work best in big blocks of time.” Same Jane. Same.
    Hello! How are you? It’s been far, far too long! But anywho, wow, you seem busy. Your weekly reports put mine to shame, for they are the epitome of boring. I looked at the new wiki, and oh my goodness! It looks really cool, and suitable for middle school kids. The formatting is way more visually pleasing than my own, but I suppose it works for me considering I wanted mine to be very formal. Also, I wouldn’t worry about the url being what it is. If you do end up using it as a classroom wiki, all it’ll take it one 20 minute from hell to get every kid to type it in correctly and then just have them bookmark it. Then bada-bing, bada-boom. Done.
    How else would I check half the things I check online without the handy-dandy Ctrl + D, ha-ha.

    Best of luck, Jane!

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    • So, since I do not have permission to comment on your wiki page, I will leave you a comment here and hope you see it!

      I did not realize we are both in Content Area Reading! Maybe I knew that earlier in the semester and just realized it again (my horrible memory again) but you are doing a great job with everything in that class! I feel like I need to step it up a bit on my end to keep up with you. 🙂 You have put a lot of work into the resource file and it looks great! I am not sure how to do mine yet, but you gave me a great starting point- thanks! Also, I haven’t done the video yet either, so it was fun to see that! I am so far behind because I have been so sick and taking care of my sick family. I have made way more trips to the doctor this spring than ever before, it sucks!

      The work you are doing for your wiki project looks great. I love the font on the front page of your wiki. Your wiki isn’t as flashy as some, but you’re right, what you are using it for works with the format. If I was able to go in and edit, I would have fixed a few minor typos I noticed on some of the pages. Not a big deal, just slips of the finger as you are typing, I’m sure!

      I realized I don’t have a CC license on my page so I should probably do that. Do I need to do that if I am willing to let people use my stuff? Hmm… I’ll have to figure that one out.

      Keep up the good work! See you soon! 🙂


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