Weekly Reflection 2/16-2/22/16

This week we took time to look closely at some established wiki pages and add to them or rework the format or even create new pages related to them.  It was very interesting reflecting on some of the questions and comments.

I especially liked the question posed by KaitlynStewart: Is a Blog more of a representation of ourselves in a current time, situation, or experience and is a Wiki more of a presentation of information and ideas that can be constantly changed or edited? It really got me thinking… My reply is on the page if you are interested in knowing my response to it… for now.

I took some time to create a new page about how to use WikisInTheClassroom.  I am pretty excited to research this topic further and add to this page.  I am going to try to find out information about the technical sides of the wikis and how school tech people feel about them.  Are they secure?  Do they have to be firewalled?  A bunch of stuff I don’t know about or want to pretend to know about…

I also worked on the topic of SigningYourWork.  This topic is of particular interest for me because I am a person that is leery of how much information others can link back to me.  I do not want others to be able to Google my name and be linked to everything I have written.  But that is the nature of the game, so I think I am kind of screwed when it comes to this.


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