Moving on…

wikiimageJust when I think I can handle this BAM! a new mode is introduced!  I have successfully created my own WikiName page on the Weblogs and Wikis Home Page, however, that does not mean I am comfortable with this new mode.  Is ‘mode’ the correct term to use?  

I am very confused about the ‘new page’ business?  Does that mean we just create a new page from our page on the Weblogs and Wikis Home Page?  I’m assuming so because I haven’t found anything stating where I would start a completely new, all mine, WikiName page…

On the other hand, I am very excited to learn this wiki business because I am super excited to learn about the potential usefulness it may have in my future lesson plans as a teacher!  I am hoping I can convince the tech team to let me around firewalls to be able to use a wiki.  Nothing would burst my bubble more than to have an exciting plan worked out and then be denied the opportunity to use it because of the firewalls!  It’s been known to happen…


2 responses to “Moving on…

  1. After you log into your wiki you can create a new page. Say it was called JanesPage… when you click on that wiki-word it will open a new page. If you wanted another new page within that page you could create a new wiki-word (any combo of two capitalized words- like WikiWord, FlowersAndSunshine, SushiAndRice, FoodLover, etc.) In sum, basically everytime you make a word like that it will create a new page. Sorry if I’m super confusing!

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