Once upon a blog…

A brilliant idea sprang into my mind today about one way in which to use a blog in my classroom.  I really want to figure out the best ways possible to incorporate a blog and/or wiki into my daily lessons, so I will be posting my ideas as they come to me.  My idea today is this…

blog girl w ideas

Photo from visualassets.com

I want to make an interactive student story blog.  One that will be a list of story ideas that students can start and continue on from where the last person left off to create unique progressive stories.  This goes off the idea of progressive stories where a piece of paper is passed around from student to student and the next person continues the story from where the previous person left off.  The students can use this story blog during free time, when they are done with an assignment, or at home if they are able to access it.

The one problem I foresee with this, however, is what happens when more than one person is writing on a story at the same time?  When they post, the story won’t make sense because they will have written from the same starting point.  Maybe that could be fixed by starting out the post with the last line of the story from the previous post they are writing from.  That way if more than one person was writing, it could still be posted and the next person that writes can choose which version to go from.  (This would be like those books where you get to choose which page to go to next!)  Some versions may get abandoned while others may continue into chapters and beyond!

How many of you are education majors?  Have you thought of an idea similar to this?  Do you have any suggestions for me for this idea?

What other ideas do you have for making blogs useful in the classroom?  I’d love to know so I can start building some idea files!


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