Posting Dates

08_15_xlI just posted for the assignment “What makes a blog a blog?” and the date says I posted it on February 1, 2016!  It is 8:15pm CST on January 31, 2016.  I am curious to see what date is stamped on this post!  Anyone else notice this happening?



5 responses to “Posting Dates

  1. YES. I noticed that when you are drafting your post, on the side bar there is a little calendar icon. If you click on it sometimes (for reasons I’m unsure of) it is set to post the next day. If you click on todays date it will post today though. I think it’s there for people to write posts for future days early, and not having to remember to post them. I don’t know why it automatically would choose a different day and time from right now though.


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