My understanding of a blog

This week’s readings have given me and my colleagues in #en3177 much to ponder about “What makes a blog a blog?”  My current understanding of a blog is this… 

A blog consists of posts made by the blog creator, aka blogger, containing personal remarks about various topics.  The posts may persuade readers to think the same as the blogger, entertain the readers with comical anecdotes of day-to-day life, give factual information about a topic, or connect readers to similar information found elsewhere on the Web.

All of these functions of the posts ultimately connect the readers to something.  Whether it is a memory of something that happened to them personally, an idea that connects them to another bit of information previously learned, or a link to another site on the Web, a blog is made of connections.  These connections are as unique as the blogger himself.

A reader learns about the blogger’s thoughts, feelings, life, opinions, etc. through the posts a blogger creates.  The longer a reader follows a blogger, the closer the connection becomes for the reader.  Questions have been raised about whether or not a reader should be concerned with the blogger being ‘fake’ in the posts.  (This discussion is being talked about in depth in the comments at Afterthought.)  My thoughts are if a reader is continuing to read a blog, there is a reason to keep coming back.  It should not matter whether or not the blogger is creating a ‘fake’ character to write posts.  After all, a blog isn’t a dating site.


4 responses to “My understanding of a blog

  1. AHH! I almost died of a heart attack seeing your featured image! I’ve never scrolled down so quick in my life. Fish are my greatest fear.

    And wow, you seemed to sum up all the basics I learned about blogs the past two weeks by your second paragraph. Right on, Jane, but secretly I’m jealous of your abilities, ha-ha. I totally agree with the connections. That is what we’re doing, isn’t it? We use our blogs, no matter how anonymous, to thrust ourselves from private to public so we can make and find connections. Also, hell yes to your take on what makes a blog worthy of your time. Whether or not it’s real or fake, if you like it, you like it.

    “[A] blog isn’t a dating site.” – That’s a good one. I’ll write it down in my notes.

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  3. I really enjoyed reading this post! I liked the commentary on being “fake” as a blogger. I have been trying to be pretty real on my blog but the thought of being purely “fake” is interesting. Someone could be a fictional character in the blogosphere.

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