To link or not to link…

So, I’m sitting here doing my homework and my 7-year-old daughter comes up to me and asks, “Mom do you want to see some of my blogs?”  I am left speechless.  I am looking at my daughter’s 2nd grade blog posts in awe of what kids are learning at such a young age in school!  I love it!  It makes me so excited for her future to know that she is learning how to maneuver in the technology world a full 30 years before I am!  Maybe she can teach me some things! Ha!Ha!

I’m really undecided about whether or not I want to link to her blog.  I know it is out there in public already, but this is my little girl.  I am very proud of her blog, don’t get me wrong.

Do I really want to make it even more public?  This is really tough for me…


2 responses to “To link or not to link…

  1. Hmmm! I see how and why you’re torn on this… I’d say just make sure you support her! If your verbal support is enough for her, I’d say leave it at that… if she wants you to share, I’d be sure to sit down with her first and warn her about the dangers of being online (sharing personal info, people pretending to be someone they’re not, etc.). But if she loves to do it, support her while keeping an eye over her!

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