Bootcamp Reflection: Weeks 1 & 2

I have learned an enormous amount of information over the course of the first two weeks.  I am pleased with the fact that I am up and running and have successfully completed nearly all of the tasks so far.  I am not so pleased with the amount of frustration that came with it all.  Nor do I like the fact that I am still struggling with a few things and am worried I will not pass bootcamp and be allowed to continue on in this course.

My initial blogs went well.  They are basic, but they are there.  I am still working on adding more pictures and gifs to my posts.  It’s not that I don’t know how, it’s more that I can’t find anything I feel fits well with my post.  I have started an academic blogs category that will be the spot for all of the summaries and research response type assignments for this class.  I’m sure that will fill up fast!  Not too sure I will keep it named this, I may change it to En 3177 Assignments instead because academic blogs sounds like it should be more formal about outside resource stuff.  I don’t know. Still thinking on that one.

I have replied to others’ posts on their blogs, even having somewhat of a conversation with Dominique.   The post from Micah about Copyrights and Wrongs triggered many thoughts for me and lead to a quite lengthy reply.  And I was relieved that I am not the only one struggling after I read and replied to a post by Erika.

I am doing my best at keeping up with everything that is required for these first two weeks.  I hope I haven’t missed anything.  I find it difficult to not have the bootcamp link quickly accessible from my sidebar, so I really need to figure out the blogroll and tag things.  I have been reading others’ posts and getting bits and pieces of helpful advice, so I know it will all come together.  I am just so new to all of this type of stuff that it takes me a bit longer to do.  But that is one of the reasons why I think this course is going to be so beneficial to me.  The world is technological now.  I want to keep up-to-date on these things so I can be a viable candidate for teaching positions as an older teacher.  (I never thought I’d say that!  How time flies!)  I also want to be an educated parent to help my kids as they progress through school with their projects, as well as know how to check into their social media feeds so I can keep respectful tabs on them.

The Missing Manual text has been very useful to me.  It really helped with the initial set-up of my blog site.  I try to refer to that as often as possible, but I have used Google and the support site for wordpress quite often, too.

I set up a Twitter account and it was thankfully very easy to do.  I had a few questions that I asked my daughter’s friend to help me with and she walked me through it.  I also set up an account with Feedly.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I really like the concept of this account, but I’m not sure I have things set up correctly on it.  The Weblogs and Wikis Feedly site doesn’t work correctly.  And I’d really like to connect it to m Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I haven’t figured that out yet.  I think Twitter might be set up right, but not Facebook.

There is so much that I did in the first two weeks, I can’t remember it all.  I think I have covered the majority of it all.  I am going to keep on keeping on to get my blog just the way I want it.  I look forward to learning much more in the weeks to come!


4 responses to “Bootcamp Reflection: Weeks 1 & 2

  1. Hey Jane,

    Don’t worry too much, you are doing fine! You’ll figure out what suits you. Also, I think I can try to help with the tags and blogroll thing.

    I see you know how to categorize your posts which is good, and it means it’ll be easy to tag them as well. You can create tags on the same sidebar you find your categories when you are typing a blog. In the tags box you can type a word and then hit enter to cement the tag. You can add as many as you want!

    Then the blogroll. That takes a little more time, but at least you already have the widget set up! When you’re on your blog, look at the top left hand corner for the ‘My Site’ button and click that. It should bring a sidebar up on the left side of the screen. So you want to click ‘Portfolio,’ which brings you to another page. On the sidebar of this new page there should be a tab called ‘Links’ which will help you add people/sites to your blogroll.

    Good luck!

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  2. You can see from your Bootcamp reflection how far you’ve come in two weeks. It took the blogging community *years* to develop all these convention and practices. You jumpstarted everything in two weeks. I’m looking forward to your posts.


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