To link or not to link…

So, I’m sitting here doing my homework and my 7-year-old daughter comes up to me and asks, “Mom do you want to see some of my blogs?”  I am left speechless.  I am looking at my daughter’s 2nd grade blog posts in awe of what kids are learning at such a young age in school!  I love it!  It makes me so excited for her future to know that she is learning how to maneuver in the technology world a full 30 years before I am!  Maybe she can teach me some things! Ha!Ha!

I’m really undecided about whether or not I want to link to her blog.  I know it is out there in public already, but this is my little girl.  I am very proud of her blog, don’t get me wrong.

Do I really want to make it even more public?  This is really tough for me…


Connections… What blogs are made of.

In all of the readings I consumed for the first part of this assignment, I have come to the conclusion that connections are what makes a blog a blog.  There are many different types of connections to speak of, but connections are the key to any type of blog.

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Blogroll categories

Class was very helpful today!  Thank you so much to Dominique for showing me how to set up the blogroll!  I was able to help Melissa in return.  I went through the whole process of setting up my blogroll, but the category I put all of the Daybook’s contributors under doesn’t show up.  I looked for a place to indicate the category as a parent category or the like, but didn’t see anything.  Can anyone give me some advice as to why this category isn’t showing up?

To go along with this, in my widgets, I have one titled “Blogs I Follow” but it doesn’t show up on my sidebar.  And just the opposite with the “Blogroll” widget… it shows up on my sidebar, but doesn’t show in the sidebar list when I am in the site admin.  Does that make sense?  It’s so hard to explain this stuff without showing someone.  Much like the warm-up writing exercise I do with students for how-to papers.  I ask them to write the steps to make a PB&J sandwich.  I bring in all the supplies necessary.  When they start out with the first step as “put peanut butter on one side of the bread,” I place the jar of peanut butter on one side of the loaf of bread.  By the end, the students are very frustrated with how explicit I make them write out the directions, but it shows them how difficult it is to understand a process for someone that has no prior knowledge.

Sorry, that was way off track!  But it’s one of my favorite writing exercises because it is so much fun and really drives home the point of adding explicit details.

Bootcamp Reflection: Weeks 1 & 2

I have learned an enormous amount of information over the course of the first two weeks.  I am pleased with the fact that I am up and running and have successfully completed nearly all of the tasks so far.  I am not so pleased with the amount of frustration that came with it all.  Nor do I like the fact that I am still struggling with a few things and am worried I will not pass bootcamp and be allowed to continue on in this course.

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Feedly, RSS, Blogrolls, etc.

I set up an account with Feedly.  I am not impressed with it.  I don’t think I’m using it correctly because many think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and I’m just more confused by it!  I would like to link my Facebook and Twitter  to it.  Is that possible?  I added Weblogs and Wikis to it, but it shows up weird.  I can’t read anything from it.  I think RSS is a great theory… I just can’t get it to work. Yet.

Blogrolls… I have followed all the step-by-steps to get this to show up on my sidebar, but guess what?  I can’t get it to work.  How can I function so fluently in most all others aspects of my life, but I can’t follow instructions on how to get something added to my blog?!?  Any help or advice would be immensely appreciated so I can pass bootcamp to continue on in this class!

As far as all the other stuff, I think I have pretty much gotten everything to work.  I think the links work that I am adding to my posts.  Please let me know if they don’t!  I have categories for my posts, I’m continually thinking about how I want my page to look, I just haven’t found the right theme yet.  Are tags the same as links?  I hope!  Cuz I’m thinking I have that one thing down and I’m going to be bummed if I find out it’s something different! 😉

So, another technological failure.  I think this is going to be the most gratifying class by the end if I ever get all this shit figured out because I am definitely the most frustrated by this class! Ha!Ha!

IP, WIPO, CC, idk…

I’m not a researcher.  It’s my least favorite thing to do.  If you want to know what I think about something, give me something to read, something look at, or tell me something and I’ll give you an honest opinion on how I feel about it.  Please don’t ask me to search for something to tell you what I think about it.  I’m the worst college student ever… Which makes me an evil teacher because I ask my students to go research for things.  But in today’s world and with the standards teachers have to teach to, I kind of have to, so maybe I’m not that evil.

So, in regards to this assignment of digging up info about IP, CC and copyright stuff, I’m not too thrilled.  But I did my best and I did learn new things.  Continue reading to find out what I learned…

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The more I try to change, the more it stays the same.

I have not been posting the past couple of days.  I have been trying to create, add, change different things on my blog, but I have had zero success.  So literally, the more I try to change, the more my blog has stayed the same.  I tried to add the “read more” split on my about page… I failed.  I am trying to find a different theme for my background because I’m not too in love with the theme I am using… everything I choose is $79 or more, so rusty grunge theme it is.  I am attempting to add/change photos to my blogs… no luck yet.  I really wish my son would sit down and help me.  My son that came home so proud the other day because he was chosen to be on the technology team at school to help teachers and students troubleshoot issues they have with their Chromebooks… Yeah, that son that knows so much about technology!

Proud yet still frustrated mom,